Our Solutions

Remarkable Products

We at JSSL do everything possible to impress you as our customer. As your product development partner we want to help you to impress your customers to the point where they feel the need to tell their friends. JSSL can help you deliver that WOW factor with superior products.

Commercial Synergy

Today’s marketplace is dynamic. Your customers are constantly bombarded with competitive choice that is ever-changing. JSSL understand that your commercial success is central to our success. As  your development partner we constantly strive to help you excel.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Rights are fundamentally important to building value in your company and maintaining control. JSSL have a rich set of Intellectual Properties that can help reduce the cost of development. All of the software we produce is licensed on a perpetual, royalty free and non-exclusive basis.

Real Products for Real People

JSSL can guide you through the process of identifying and addressing the common desires and needs of your customers. By understanding your customer’s needs we can help you build solutions that are entirely personal and relevant to your customers.

Mobile and Tablet

JSSL have been working in the mobile space since 1992. We specialise in the development of quality products for iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian, and BlackBerry. We can develop native apps or web apps for all of these platforms.

GDPR & Risk Management

JSSL helped build the technology that underpins the VERTHOS Integrated Risk Management software from Checksolo DAC.

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