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JSSL Overview

JSSL was founded in 1992 by John Sheridan and Linda McBride. It has always been a hive of creativity and entrepreneurship. Over the past 16 years JSSL has spun-off cutting-edge companies in telecoms, software development tools, and web technologies.

We have contributed and managed projects with many great companies and organisations including IBM, HP, Ericsson, AIB, An Post, Eircom, Logica-Aldiscon, Eircell (now Vodafone Ireland), Delphi, Artec Research, Department of Social Welfare, Telcotec, and Telecom Ireland Software (now Accuris).

Intellectual Property

We have independently developed, and hold the rights to, numerous software intellectual properties. We have deep experience in projects across a diverse range of technologies including industrial robotics and automated industrial test systems, cryptography and security, large scale CRM, telecommunications billing and customer care, pre-paid mobile telephony charging systems and administration systems, banking payment systems, and reservations systems.


We work with our customers rather than for them. As seasoned entrepreneurs we understand the importance of adding real value for our customers. Its not enough to simply know what a customer wants. We strive to understand the fundamental reasons why a customer wants to undertake a project. Experience has taught us that the customers’ business drivers for change and development are fundamentally important and must be satisfied by proposed solutions.