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BetTrader Evolution is the most cutting-edge Betfair betting and trading platform on the market today. This state-of-the-art software application displays live updating Betfair markets from within an internet browser in a choice of intuitive, feature packed trading interfaces with blazing fast bet submission and a full range of trading tools.

BetTrader Evolution 3 is the first mainstream Betfair API Solution which allows you to trade in training mode. This means that you can learn to trade or test out a new system without any risk at all of losing money. The application uses the live Betfair data which means that you can get a feel for the market without putting any cash at risk.

Whether you bet or trade on Betfair, and no matter which sports markets you prefer, Evolution will transform your performance and vastly improve your user experience on the worlds biggest betting exchange. Using Evolution makes trading more automated and less emotional, giving you a greater chance of success.

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