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DataRaider is a super-scalable account centric data store primarily for telecoms operators in both the fixed and mobile space. Account-centric means that it automatically organises data by account without requiring a separate account provisioning process. It includes a self-care portal that allows customers to directly access their account history without having to interact with call-centre staff. The self-care portal is accessible directly on the customers phone handset and also via a web-browser. In addition, it incorporates a web-based call centre portal for usage directly in the call centre.

Summary of DataRaider Benefits

  • Self-care portals designed specifically to achieve first-call-resolution capability for the most common call-centre calls.
  • Providing data designed to encourage spending up to, and beyond package allowances.
  • Near real-time self-care access to all life-cycle events.
  • 100% convergent out-of-the-box. Mobile pre-paid, mobile bill-pay and fixed line all in a single system.
  • Low-cost of acquisition and ownership.
  • Carrier-grade security, privacy and data protection mechanisms.
  • Supplementary platform rather than core infrastructure platform.
  • Zero to low integration impact.
  • Zero additional load on existing production systems. (Actually will result in a reduction in load on existing production systems).
  • Low-cost redundant systems option for the call-centre.
  • Self-provisioning rather than active provisioning.
  • 100% web based technology.
  • Completely eliminates traditional legacy data issues that arise with other systems.
  • Self-organising non-relational account centric datastore.
  • Super-scalable into the petabyte range. Capable of supporting hundreds of millions of subscribers.
  • Single integration point (account event data records).
  • Cloud or real deployments.
  • Superior performance (sub 1 second) regardless of data load.

One Month Free Trial with Support

DataRaider offer a one month free trial to help you better assess the benefits for your business.

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